Inspired by... Cecilia Carlstedt

Cecilia Carlstedt is a super talented fashion illustrator. I love the loose dreamy style of her illustration and the juxta-position of the sharp lines. These are a few of my favourites from her site


Love this..

Love this - the colour, the typography the messy rough edges *swoon. It's been quite some time since I posted on here, things are busy with work and life and wedding prep and sometimes it feels like this time (last thing on a Sunday evening) is the only point in the week where I can snatch a few hours to read magazines, check in on blogs, knit or just spend some me time. It's all too fleeting though and I feel like most of my time is spent dreaming of projects I'd like to do as opposed to doing them. Hoping that following our big day in September I will miraculously transform overnight into a super wife, and I will be able to craft and cook and knit and sew with one hand tied behind my back - (if only!).

Image found here 


I am in love with absolutely everything in the Spring collection from JOY. I spent a small fortune in the store last week shopping for wedding appropriate outfits (we have five weddings to attend this year!) and I was really impressed with how lovely their range of summer dresses and work wear was. Here are just some of my favourite pieces that you can find on their online store here: 1. Geometric Statement Necklace 2. Margarita Lace Blouse 3. Trafalgar Stripe Clutch  4. Misha Dip Hem Pleated Skirt 


The Traveller's Fun Book

We have this cool little vintage book store near us called 'Young's Interesting Books'. Every now and again CJ and I will pop our heads in and spend too long perusing the variety of old books. They have everything from travel to science fiction and children's classics. Occasionally our will power escapes us and we leave clutching an original James Bond novel or a book of short stories for our already bursting book shelves.

The last time we popped in for a look I picked up this 1950's American comic. I can only assume it was targeted at teens of the day, as it is full of stories of teen love and summers spent courting boys. The cover is my favourite part, "you simply must give me your telephone number!" - how very charming! What would it be these days? - "Wanna be my facebook friend...?"


Bits of Brighton

Some pics taken on my iPhone during our trip to Brighton this weekend. I've been to this sunny seaside town twice now and both times the sun has been splitting the skies. I am quite sure that, like the rest of Britain, Brighton gets its fair share of wind and rain but it certainly does well to hide it. The good news is that we seem to have brought the good weather home with us - Glasgow will be a whole 20 degrees tomorrow!!! Here's hoping it's the start of things to come.

Cable and Cotton

I'm just back from a weekend trip to Brighton where I visited the amazing Cable & Cotton shop. Love their cotton ball string of lights, and it's so much fun getting to choose your own colour combination.  My Mum, my sister and I took forever in the shop and were like children in a candy store picking our colour combinations  - the boys eventually gave up hanging around and went across the street to the pub to wait for us.

Thankfully we managed home on the plane without any of the balls getting bashed and mine are currently hanging here next to me at the desk in our living room. I can already see me heading back over to their website in the near future for another set. Love them!

Images from the cable & cotton website, and the top one from Heart Handmade UK.


Kember & Jones

Today we took a trip over to Byres Road in the west of Glasgow for coffee and a wander in the Botanics, but when we arrived it was so cold that we just decided to head into Kember & Jones for a yummy lunch (Beef Tagine) and some awesome home made bread instead. 

It was a beautiful day, with clear blue skies and a lovely bright sun but it clearly looked warmer than it was so, after attempting a short walk up the main street fighting the icy wind, we decided a long walk was definitely out of the question. The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to lying out on the sofa, knitting and watching the Dark Knight on DVD.  All in all a pretty good Easter Monday. 


The Great British Picnic

This is a poster I designed as part of my evening course in Visual Communication a few years ago. I'm just tidying up some files on my computer and came across this jpeg so thought I would share it on here. The brief was to design the branding for a summer event so I chose a fictitious event titled 'The Great British Picnic'. Being the year of the Royal Wedding, the country was well and truly operating in British mode in 2011 so it seemed pertinent.  I quite like it.... 


Bits and Pieces

Some snaps taken here and there on my iPhone lately.
1. Pic of our danish armchair at our window 2. the amazing scarf my mum knitted me for christmas 
3. Breakfast at Cafe Zique 4. My handsome valentine 5.Snow in Perth 6. A meeting at work 
7. and 8. Byron Burger in Camden. 

Motivational Monday

Love these inspiration quotes from Eliza Cerideiros and her typography themed Motivational Monday Tumblr - just the motivation I need to start off the week! Such a simple but effective little blog series. I've recently downloaded some amazing new fonts and attempted to try my own type series - watch this space!


Just back from a lovely weekend in London bridesmaid shopping. I took a few snaps here and there that I'll share this week but in the meantime here is a sign I snapped in the mecca that is Topshop Oxford Street. I love that store so much it took all my effort to march right through and out again without allowing myself to be captured by the rails and rails of awesome pieces. 

Sunny mornings

The sun decided to make an appearance last Wednesday morning. It was still bitterly cold, but just having the bright winter sunlight and cloudless sky back was so nice. I took these quick snaps in our studio just before 8am when no one else was at their desk yet and the rising sun filled the space with the most amazing sunlight and shadow. Our studio is on the fourth floor of an old Glasgow tenement and has the most amazing view towards the south of the city. It sure did but a positive slant on the day ahead. 


Daily Dishonesty

I am in total awe of this beautiful typography project from the amazing New York based graphic designer Laura Hom. The daily dishonestly project is dedicated to the little lies we tell ourselves every day. So true!! Check our her website here and the daily dishonesty blog here.  


Hello February!

January has gone by in the blink of an eye. It's still cold, dark and miserable though and we've spent lots of weekends wandering in the park and drinking coffee, followed by lots of nights watching films and eating/drinking more than we should. This weekend we spent Saturday lazing in bed reading until midday and then we want for a wander in the park followed by coffee at Cookie. It's grey here in Glasgow but the mornings are slowly getting lighter and the rain has stayed away all weekend so we can't complain.  We're focusing all our holiday dreaming towards the end of 2013 when we head down under for one whole month for our honeymoon; I can't wait! 


Laure De Sagazan Bridal

Last weekend I picked my wedding dress so, as long as it's not giving anything away, I now feel free to share with you all the dreamy inspiration I have been swooning over behind the scenes. This beautiful delicate bridal collection by parisian designer Laure Desagazan is to die for and her bridal styling and photo style in this 2012 collection shoot is just lovely. You can browse the full extent of this urban fairytale from her website: www.lauredesagazan.fr